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Liisa Salosaari Jasinski is a Finnish-born and educated artist who currently resides and works in South Carolina.  She holds a Master's Degree from the University of Helsinki with Major in Psychology and Minor in Art History. In the US, she has studies weaving and pottery. Her paintings and mixed media works have been exhibited across the US in  Museums, Galleries and Art Centers.  Her work is included in many public, corporate, and private collections including:  Carolina Contemporary Collection at Medical University of South Carolina, Spartanburg Museum of Art, Piedmont Technical College, Columbia Housing Authority, SAS Institute, Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center, and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines.


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Heading 6

"Previously I have been more deliberate and directive in the process of creating my paintings and mixed media works.  Now with my monotype work, I find myself using greater freedom of expression: almost like an outsider, I watch my hand move as it manipulates printing ink.  I try not to interfere with the process by my thoughts and conscious efforts.


"I keep looking at different forms and shapes and their outlines and surfaces, both natural and man-made.  To really see with clarity---in the deepest sense of the meaning---I try to look without forming an opinion, analyzing, or placing what I see into a known context."

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